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Cooperation partners

Accomplishing more together

Of course, numerous individual contacts and networks shape the profile of Camovis. In addition, Camovis actively promotes its national networking at an institutional level through partnerships and collaborations.

The Professional Association for Documentation and Information Management in Medicine (DVMD)

Founded in 1972, DVMD represents the interests of all professional groups in the fields of medical documentation and information management, including Clinical Research, Clinical Documentation in hospitals, Tumor Documentation, Epidemiology, Medical Statistics, and Information Dissemination. Through targeted public relations work, DVMD raises awareness of the professional profile. They advocate for high-quality standards in education and training. The professional development of their members is of particular importance to them. To achieve this, they organize conferences and workshops. They regularly inform their members and the interested public through their professional journal ‘mdi.’ Numerous collaborations with related associations and societies enable them to establish networks at the national and international levels.

The Federal Association of Study Nurses/Clinical Research Study Assistants e.V.

is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 to represent the interests of Study Nurses/Clinical Research Study Assistants. Its mission is to promote, enhance, and establish the role of study assistance, which is crucial for clinical research, by raising awareness and recognizing it as a recognized profession for education and further training.