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Experience Report of a Career Changer

Key Details:

  • Julia M., 34 years old, from Berlin.
  • 13 years of experience as a Health and Nursing Professional
  • 8 ½ years in the clinic, specializing in Hematology/Oncology, and 4 ½ years in a surgical outpatient clinic
  • Study Nurse for 3 months


I reached a point in my life where I could either continue my work as a Health and Nursing Professional with a sense of resignation or take a step forward to give my life a new boost. I had been contemplating and considering various possibilities to leverage my knowledge in something new without completely letting go of it.

That’s when I stumbled upon the role of a Study Nurse. Initially, I didn’t know much about it; I mostly saw Study Nurses in the hospital administering medications and taking notes at patients’ bedsides. “I can do that too,” I thought to myself and started delving more into the responsibilities of a Study Nurse. I realized it wasn’t just about giving an infusion or an injection – it’s a highly complex field with significant responsibility towards the participants. It’s like walking a tightrope between prescribed structure and independent work, always under the watchful eyes of the monitors and sponsors sitting in the arena. Fascinating! So, thoughts turned into actions, and I found my new place at Camovis, a company that lends its employees to research centers. The Flying Study Nurses, a kind of “joker,” step in when unexpected situations like illness could jeopardize the ongoing studies at the sites.

For me, it’s an ideal position. Project-based work allows me to gain a comprehensive insight into various areas and diverse working methods without being permanently tied to a specific specialization. I like to compare myself to a “backpacker,” open to everything new that crosses my path, getting to know people who share the journey for a certain time before moving on to the next adventure.

My onboarding process was exemplary and started with several internships at different research centers. Initially, without in-depth knowledge, I felt a bit lost, trying to question, absorb, and store everything new right away. After a few weeks, I attended the beginner’s course for Study Nurses at the Parexel Academy in Berlin and realized that my orientationless journey was now paying off. I could connect a lot from practice with theory, and the hieroglyphs turned into deciphered words again.

I highly recommend the course, as it explains all topics from A to Z in an understandable manner, and I now feel very well prepared for the upcoming work areas. Following the course, more internships followed, and I was able to apply and solidify my knowledge.

I’ve just completed my first assignment for 2 months at a site in Hamburg, and I feel like a Study Nurse. Even though I don’t know everything yet and I’m still in the learning process, it was the right decision to take this step.

It can be difficult and daunting to leave the familiar path, but it’s worth it because a new path often opens up new perspectives, and most importantly, it has made me happy again!

*I extend a big thanks to my boss, Carolin Kurth, who gave me this opportunity and supports me along the way.

Julia M.