Did you ever work with a Flying Study Nurse?
Fully equipped with long-term experience and with specific knowledge in performing clinical trials, s/he will actively support you. Especially at sites with mainly the doctors having experience in trials or with general staff-shortage, it may be reasonable to engage a seasoned flying study nurse to share her experience and relieve pressure off your physicians. Then, play your wild card with one of our Flying Study Nurses!
Premium quality and flexible, we support your sites:

  • By the hour or by the day
  • Total Project or just sections
  • Just-in-time
  • We charge only for services rendered


Your Flying Study Nurse will support you on-site and offers a range of expertise:

  • Patient treatment and date coordination
  • Source data capture and digitalization
  • Sample collection and processing
  • Lab logistics
  • Administration of all relevant study files
  • Reference person for all trial-relevant inquiries


Our network of Study Nurses is constantly growing.
We offer our services all over Germany and in neighboring areas.
In case that no local staff should be available, we are ready to send study nurses from other areas for your support.


How can we convince you of the advantages of our Flying Study Nurses?

  • Seasoned study staff helping you to allocate clinical trials in your department
  • Relief of your physicians, enabling them to take care of relevant tasks
  • Access to new medication for your participating patients