Since clinics and practices are focused differently from trial sites, they usually lack knowledge to enable their patients’ access to new medication.
To realize this, and to possibly open new chances on curative treatment, we are ready to support you with well-tested staff.
Jointly we will enable your staff to perform any new projects.
Clearly structured tools, tailored to the trial protocol, lay the important base for a qualified fast-paced trial and for an overall better site performance.


Die Patientenidentifikation und PreScreening-Aktivitäten hängen mit einem großen Zeitaufwand zusammen.

Diesen können Sie mit unserer Unterstützung erheblich minimieren. Nutzen Sie unseren Service, um Ihre Patienten anhand des Studienprotokolls im Voraus zu selektieren. Dadurch gewinnen Sie wiederum an Zeit, die Sie in Ihre wesentlichen Bereiche investieren können.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with documents and tools, based on the respective protocols. Clearly structured, they will help you improve quality and save time.
Well-matched source documents will help to smoothen the visits and reduce uncertainties and wrong recordings.
Moreover, they will shorten monitoring by simplifying data verification.
With our source documents, we help you to perform your trials in better quality, faster and safer.


We are concerned to share our expertise and knowledge. And so, we are glad to counsel your team in our workshops and trainings.

As a part of the emovis GmbH family, we organize staff trainings and offer places for other participants. We also gladly do this at your institution. You may select from:

  • Practice-oriented workshops
  • IATA


We want to help you perform clinical trials smoothly and to deliver high quality data to clinical research.
To realize this, team working is essential. Therefore we emphasize personal contact and cooperation.
So, as to not only have single individuals command over the necessary knowledge on running a trial and as to facilitate delegation of tasks, we will be available for any trial related questions.

Don’t hesitate to consult us on

  • Site Selection Visits
  • Ethic committee submissions
  • Budget planning

We are ready to counsel and happy about all kinds of feedback.


We would like to convince you of the advantages of our site support service

  • Save time and have us prepare documents for official submissions
  • Rely on our experienced consultation, delivering know-how on performing of clinical trials
  • More participants thanks to our pre-screening support
  • Better data due to application of study specific worksheets
  • Qualified team with regular trainings