You are conducting a trial at your site and they are not meeting your expectations?
Costly delays and extra expenses characterize start-up?
Let Camovis support you with an extensive site analysis, to find a solution.
We will efficiently clarify, which are the deficits, where are the causes and how to overcome these obstacles.

Our site analysis might help with these scenarios:

  1. Low screening numbers
  • Missing support of internal divisions
  • Missing or dislocated recruiting campaigns
  • In-/exclusion criteria prevent finding suitable subjects
  • Concurrent trials or local/regional concurrent sites
  • Lack of motivation: low investigator fees
  • Lack of motivation: low patient reimbursement
  • Complicated study design
  1. Late data entry
  • Lack of acceptance and support of collaborating departments
  • Missing or adverse structures at site
  • Lack of staff
  1. Poor data quality
  • Lack of acceptance and support of collaborating departments
  • Lack of staff
  • Deficient communication with collaborating external partners or systems (eCRF, Data management, IVRSystems, Monitoring, etc.)


Our site analyses comprise three steps to effectively analyze your problem – and hopefully help to overcome it:

  1. Qualified analysis of trial site
  2. Extensive reporting to customer
  3. Suggestions for improvements or solutions


  • Detailed analysis, based on our seasoned external perspective, relying on 20 years of practical experience in conduct of clinical trials
  • Nuanced solutions to convert inferior sites to high performers