Clearly structured tools, tailored to the trial protocol, lay the important base for a qualified fast-paced trial.

Thanks to our many years of experience, you can improve the performance of your site.


Subject identification and pre screening activities are time consuming.

You may minimize this with support from Camovis. Take advantage of our services to select your patients based on the protocol. This will help you invest your time into the relevant sectors.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with documents and tools, based on the respective protocols. Clearly structured, they will help you improve quality and save time.

Well-matched source documents will help to smoothen the visits and reduce uncertainties and wrong recordings.

Moreover, they will shorten monitoring by simplifying data verification.

With our source documents, we help you to perform your trials in better quality, faster and safer.


We are concerned to share our expertise and knowledge. And so, we are glad to counsel your team in our workshops and trainings.

As a part of the emovis GmbH family, we organize staff trainings and offer places for other participants. We also gladly do this at your institution. You may select from:

  • practice-oriented workshops
  • IATA


We would like to convince you of the advantages of our site support service

  • More participants thanks to our pre-screening support
  • Better data due to application of study specific worksheets and tools
  • Simplified data verification with clearer worksheets
  • Less monitoring expenses due to simplified data verification