Did you ever work with a Flying Study Nurse?

Based on 20 years of hands-on experience in clinical trials, we know that the order situation at sites is unpredictable. Scheduled projects are being postponed or cancelled at all, while at other times, several projects are starting simultaneously and overstrain your capacities. Your team may be perfectly positioned and tuned, but such fluctuations still are a challenge. 

Then, play your wild card with one of our Flying Study Nurses!
They may stand in at bottleneck situations, at high workload, or as a replacement at cases of illness, pregnancy or vacation – our Flying study Nurses are the perfect endorsement of your study team.

Premium quality and flexible, we support your sites:

  • By the hour or by the day
  • Total Project or just sections
  • Just-in-time
  • We charge only for services rendered


Your Flying Study Nurse will support you on-site and offers a range of expertise to complement your existing study team:

  • Patient treatment and date coordination
  • Source data capture and digitalization
  • Sample collection and processing
  • Lab logistics
  • Administration of all relevant study files
  • Reference person for all trial-relevant inquirie


Your site is out-of-town? No problem at all: Our network of Study Nurses is constantly growing.

We offer our services all over Germany and in neighboring areas. In case that no local staff is available, we will willingly send Study Nurses from other areas.


How can we convince you of the advantages of our Flying Study Nurses?

  • More flexibility in your staff resources to easily overcome bottlenecks
  • Less personnel costs due to simple treaty provisions
  • Manage more orders at your site with boosted flexibility