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Your Benefits

Do you know that feeling? Are you familiar with this? Everything seems to be going perfectly. The order situation is great, and new studies are about to start alongside the ongoing ones. You don’t need to worry much about recruitment either, as you already have a large patient pool, and the interest in participation is exceptionally high.

But then everything changes!

One of your Study Nurses unexpectedly hands in her resignation. She wants to change direction, try something new. If only it ended there… Shortly after, the phone rings, and another Study Nurse needs to go on indefinite sick leave due to health issues.

And you know how it goes – when it rains, it pours. Fully aware that your workload is already demanding, the next one “confesses” that she’s pregnant and will be on maternity leave from next month.

Oh dear… How are you going to manage the ongoing studies PLUS the new studies?

This is where we come into play.

    In such phases, you can simply play your JOKER in the form of our Flying Study Nurses. Whether as a substitute in case of staff shortages, increased workload or as a substitute due to illness/pregnancy or holidays – our Flying Study Nurses are the perfect addition to your study team!

    Let Camovis simplify your work through efficient support. Camovis’ extensive experience in conducting clinical studies makes it your ideal partner.

    With our assistance, you not only save time and stress but also costs while enhancing your data quality.

    This, in turn, means that you will no longer struggle with delays or overwhelm due to personnel shortages in the future.

    Moreover, you’ll benefit from better results in regulatory inspections, audits, and inspections. This will lead to greater satisfaction among sponsors and CROs, laying the foundation for future projects.


    Discover the advantages of using our Flying Study Nurses for yourself.

    • Increased flexibility in your personnel resources, allowing you to overcome personnel shortages seamlessly
    • Cost savings in personnel due to the absence of contractual obligations
    • Improved project opportunities at your center due to enhanced flexibility

    Advantages of our site support for sponsors and CROs

    • More potential sites
    • More study participants due to our support in pre-screening activities
    • Improved data quality in case of staff shortages at the site
    • Simplified data verification through the creation of more structured worksheets and tools
    • Cost savings around monitoring

    But also medical practices that have little experience with clinical trials, can use our expertise for the implementation.

    This includes:

    • Experienced research staff who can help you place clinical trials in your department. 

    • Time savings through our efficient, study-tested support

    • Reduced workload for your physicians, who can instead focus on their essential tasks

    • Access to new medicines through the participation of your patients in studies 

    • More study participants through a structured organisation

    • Enhanced data quality through our extensive knowledge in the field of clinical studies