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I want to become a Study Nurse

What we offer you

Are you looking to make a career change and seeking a new challenge?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We are a young, open-minded team with diverse experiences and competencies.

You can expect an exciting field of work. Clinical research is a vast area with many areas of work waiting for you. From planning study conduct, recruitment, patient care, medical tasks (such as blood sampling and ECG recording) to working in the laboratory or documentation, everything is included.

We work on a project basis and with flexible locations, so it never gets boring. Don’t worry, you will be well prepared for the upcoming project. Together, we will assess whether your existing experiences are suitable for the planned project.

Are you adventurous? Then we can offer you projects in other federal states. Travel expenses and accommodation will, of course, be covered by us. However, you don’t have to travel; there is also plenty to do locally.

The beginning can be tough… but not with us. We care about your well-being and assess what assistance you need to start successfully and confidently as a Study Nurse. Our experienced staff are always there to support you.

Regular team meetings take place, where we discuss how we are doing, what questions still need to be clarified, and any news about the projects. Even though each of us is involved in different projects, the WE is particularly important to us.

We see a good working atmosphere as a valuable foundation for satisfied employees and productivity.

Moreover, we all know that a full workweek leaves little time for personal matters. Overtime is often part of the daily routine. We want to ease the tension, give more time for rest, so at our company, a 33-hour week is considered full-time. This way, you can take on new challenges fit and alert without feeling overwhelmed.


To find your way as a newcomer in clinical studies, you need a special Study Nurse training where you learn the basics of clinical studies. Upon completion, you will receive an ICH/GCP certificate, which is required to work in this field in general.
GCP stands for good clinical practice and provides internationally recognized rules for the conduct of clinical studies.

In Camovis’ Study Nurse Center, you will receive all the necessary training for free if you are a permanent employee. They will prepare you optimally for your further tasks.

What we expect from you

As you already know, the sense of community (WE-feeling) is highly developed in our company. Therefore, there is no room for elbows and solo players. You should maintain an open, friendly, and respectful manner.

We work on different projects with various workflows.

Are you clever, able to grasp and implement things quickly? Then you have already fulfilled one of the most important requirements.

Since we do not work in a traditional work-time model, you should be flexible. Not every day looks the same, and neither do the working hours. Although we always strive to consider your preferences, we cannot accommodate too many fixed requirements from you.

In clinical research, a lot of communication is done in English. Don’t worry, we know that English is not your native language. However, you should not be afraid to work on your English and use it. As a famous footballer would say, “I hope we have a little bit lucky” or “I look not back, I look in front.” In this sense, go for it!

Be curious and open-minded! Carry the sun in your heart and be excited about this perhaps new opportunity!