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On-site service


Your Flying Study Nurse provides direct on-site support at your study center and offers a diverse range of professional skills that complement your existing study team optimally:

  • Patient care and appointment coordination
  • Source data capturing and digitization
  • Sample collection and processing
  • Laboratory logistics
  • Management of all relevant study documents
  • Point of contact for all study-related inquiries
  • Training for employees with limited study experience (see CO-Study Nursing)


High-quality and flexible, we stand by your side:


  • Hourly / daily basis
  • Entire projects or specific areas
  • Tailored to your needs.
  • Only services provided will be compensated.


We have a continuously growing network of Study Nurses. We offer our services throughout Germany and neighboring regions. If local resources are not available, we are happy to send Study Nurses from our urban areas to assist you.

Learn more about our team here: