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We have a steadily growing network of study nurses who come from a wide range of disciplines. In addition, we bring along diverse knowledge in the field of clinical research.

Our database already includes more than 250 study nurses throughout Germany.

Please click on the respective federal state to get an overview of our Flying Nurses.

This map displays a small selection of our staff who are active nationwide on your behalf. Additionally, our study nurses are also working in Austria and Switzerland.

Our portfolio includes both permanent employees and freelancers.

No Study Nurse in your federal state?

That doesn’t mean we don’t serve your region. We operate across federal states and can support you as well!




Place: Basel /Freiburg im Breisgau
Professional title:  Clinical Research Nurse / Clinical Monitorr and/or CRA
Study experiences: since 2007
Certificates: GCP, Clinical Monitoring, RAVE Coordinator training Course, Osteodensitometrie








Place: Wien
Professional title:   Research coordinator and/or CRA
Study experiences: since 2005
Certificates: GCP, IATA, monitoring certificate