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Quality assurance

Quality is our foundation for the satisfaction of our customers.

Camovis stands for a company that continuously reviews and improves its internal and external processes. What does that mean?

Externally, we strictly adhere to ICH/GCP guidelines and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Our employees have current training and certificates for this purpose, which are refreshed every two years. We also rely on experience and primarily assign projects to our study nurses who already possess the necessary knowledge. This enables us to achieve a high level of quality in conducting clinical studies.

Internally, since 2020, Camovis has been creating and updating its own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which provide binding guidelines for the company’s workflows. Of course, for external projects, we follow the SOPs of the respective companies, if they exist and are approved for us. Personal knowledge exchange is also important to us, as we enhance quality through regular team meetings and further training.

Quality Management

To continuously review, expand, and improve all processes, we rely on the expertise of our employee Sabrina Strauch, who has been managing internal quality processes for Camovis for several years due to her expertise

Sabrina Strauch

Sabrina Strauch

Quality Manager - Diploma Biologist



If you have any questions regarding quality assurance at Camovis, Sabrina Strauch will be happy to assist you.